High Trek Trekking Poles Review

High Trek Hiking poles can be a perfect trekking item during a rough trek or hike. If you are an adventure-loving person like me who often goes out for trekking, then I can ensure you that you would appreciate having a pair of trekking poles. It is a standard equipment for amateurs and professionals alike providing comfort and support on all types of terrain. These trekking poles will reduce the force on your knees and will help improve stability during trekking,

As I often go out for trekking, I have a set of trekking poles at all times. My old pair’s condition was not so good so I started to search the internet and found a large list of different kinds of trekking poles. Among all of them, I choose the High Trek Trekking Poles as one of my top choices. I purchased a sad and could not be happier. Throughout my hikes, they make me feel very comfortable. I am so happy with the product that now I want to share my thoughts with you all!

Adjustable Height Telescopic Poles

Most of the trekking poles are adjustable in length in order to keep up our body balance in all kind of terrains. If we consider this fact then the High Trek hiking poles appear as our first choice because of its adjustable stick length that can be extended approximately from 25.5 cm to 53 cm that makes it versatile for varying terrain heights. It is just perfect for people of every height. With that, an easy lock system is an additional facility.

Comfortable Grips Made of EVA

Another important feature of this product is its comfortable grips. It is made of EVA which can absorb sweat from hand and it makes us feel like soft. It Is quite large too.

The grip has an adjustable wrist strap as with other hiking poles, thus, we would not drop them accidentally.

Comfortable grips with adjustable wrist straps make you feel much better and keep us from losing a pole. The EVA foam absorbs all the sweats.

The High Trek hiking poles with its flexible and strong stick and comfortable grips make my trek smoother in every way indeed.

Features and Specifications

The High trek hiking poles come with a strong but lightweight body made of aerospace-grade 7075 Aluminum, similar to the Montem trekking poles. It has shock absorbing coils within each pole which softens impacts.

These poles are made of aluminum which is much better than carbon fiber for certain hikers as aluminum can bend under high stress but never cannot be broken.

The hard rubber feet are very much sturdy and can be removed to attach the mud or snow baskets accessories. The poles have an easy twist lock system that prevents accidental retraction and allows easy adjustment for appropriate terrain heights.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The High Trek trekking poles are really an amazing trekking item that provides me with comfort as well as security during my rough trekking. It reduces my physical exertions too. It’s a complete package of all the best qualities which perfect trekking poles must have. If you are a true trek-lover and need comfort during hiking and trekking you must get this product!

Many customers leave positive reviews regarding this product. One of them said that these poles were far superior to any other he had tried.

With all these positive customer reviews my work becomes so easy to recommend these poles for all my trek-lovers.


The High Trek hiking poles are ready to tackle every problem or hurdle we may face during our trekking or mountaineering. The poles have versatile qualities needed for any hiking trip.

High Trek poles are the best trekking item, in my opinion. We can use these poles during our trekking as it is going to provide us with comfort as well as perfect security. I am damn sure that just like me, a lot of buyers of this product are very much pleased!

Please continue recommending these trekking poles to other people. Hopefully, after reading this review you too may go for a pair of these awesome poles!