Sterling Endurance Ultralight Foldable Aluminum Trekking Poles Review

Sterling Endurance Ultralight Foldable Aluminum Trekking Poles are a great hiking product. They come with advanced features that makes hiking easier and fun. Ever since I acquired this amazing product, I have enjoyed every hiking moment and I have not looked back since then. It is easy to carry around, durable and comfort to use.

My previous hiking stick was tiresome to carry around and the material used in making it was not strong enough to endure different terrains. I decided to change my trekking pole and purchased the Sterling Endurance Trekking Pole. I have enjoyed every hiking moment with this amazing stick and I have decided to share my experience with you.

Light weight

It is made from light aircraft aluminum alloy this makes it easy to lift while hiking. This helps you move faster and easily while hiking. It also ensures that you don’t get exhausted easily and help you endure for long. It weighs 310 grams thus making it light to pack and carry.

Shaft is made of strong aircraft 7075 – T6 aluminum alloy

Its shaft is made from strong and durable aircraft aluminum alloy. This ensures that you get best and reliable service from this hiking stick. The material used is rust free and does not break or bend easily. The surface aluminum is finished through advanced oxidation process thus making it stable and nonreactive with other substances.

Height adjustment

These trekking poles have additional height adjustment features that allow you to adjust their length depending on your height. This also allows you to adjust the pole to a desirable height while moving uphill. The height adjustment feature is suitable for people whose height vary from 5’ 4’’ to 6’ 4’’ tall. For people less than 5’ 3’’, the Short Compatible Sterling Endurance trekking pole is recommendable.

Special hand strap

The hand strap is thick, comfortable and can be adjusted to a desired hand fit. It is made from a braided fabric material on the outside and soft wool on the inside. The soft wool help absorb sweat thus reducing discomfort associated with sweat build up on the hand.

Folding shaft sections

An Elastic cord is used to joint different shaft sections. This makes the trekking pole compact and easy to pack in its cloth bag when dissembled. The pole folds to 13.5’’ when dissembled thus making it easy to carry in your back pack or brief case while on the move.

Removable tip

Depending on the terrain you are hiking, one can choose the appropriate tip to use. Steel tip is suitable for rough terrains, rubber tip is suitable for pavements and snow saucer suitable for snow covered surface.

Features and specifications

Easy to adjust height feature to desired length for people with height varying from 5’ 4’’ to 6’ 4’’ tall. Short person compatible Sterling Endurance Trekking pole is advisable for people below 5’3’’ height.

These Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles have long EVA foam handles that extend to 10.5’’ to ensure comfortable and easy switch of handgrips on different terrains. The EVA foam handle helps in absorbing shock thus making the user comfortable no matter the terrain. The inside cotton lining helps absorb sweat on your hand.

Durable shaft made of aircraft grade 7075 – T6 aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is rust resistance, durable and has the ability to withstand pressure without breaking or bending. The surface of the aluminum alloy is finished through complex oxidation process, thus making the surface free from weathering and corrosion with other natural occurring substances.

Shaft sections are joined by elastic cord that folds down to 13.5’’ when dissembled. This makes it easy to pack the pole to its cloth bag which can be easily carried in a backpack or in a briefcase for easy transportation.

The hand strap is specifically thickened and widened to ensure comfort. The hand strap is made of a tough fabric material on the outside and has a smooth cotton lining on the inside. The hand strap length can be adjusted depending on the user preference.

The removable tip allows use of the right tip on different terrains; tungsten steel tip is suitable for hard and rough hiking. Rubber point cover is preferred on pavement and snow saucer used on a snow covered surface.

The Sterling Endurance Trekking Pole is an awesome product for hikers who want to advance to greater new height every day. It will make your hiking ergonomic and leave you with an awesome experience. Try this product today and you will never look back.