Women Trekking Poles – Women Hiking Poles

No matter whether you are just stepping into the wonderful outdoor world of trekking, or are quite a connoisseur at the same, trekking poles are perhaps, one of the most essential equipments you will need as a hiker.

Not only do trekking poles provide you great balance and stability while walking and hiking, but they also reduce the stress on your ankles and knees by diving the pressure to the back and arms.

Women trekking poles are a lightweight and smaller version designed for ladies, and what makes them different from all the unisex trekking pole models out there is a shorter length and a narrow diameter grip that’s meant to be used by smaller hands.

Ranging from about 50 dollars to 250 dollars, trekking poles are having a complete world of innovation embedded into them.

While some poles seem to offer everything one needs at a very budget-friendly cost, trekking poles on the high end sport a complete bundle of features, including designer shafts made out of different material, a variety of grips and top-notch locking systems.

Some are equipped with shock absorbers, whereas and some let you interchange the carbide tips and the baskets. Using trekking poles on extremely uneven terrains might need a little expertise, but the compact nature and adjustable straps of the poles make up for the same, delivering a highly comfortable experience.

A whole spectrum of models available out there makes it quite a challenging task to settle for that one perfect pair of women trekking poles that have been crafted to suit you miraculously well.

But, to get everything seem absolutely effortless and help you make the right choice, this guide not only takes you through the things to consider when purchasing your trekking poles, but also reviews the top five women trekking poles in the market.

Top Five Women Trekking Poles

Scrolling through the stores, you will find a broad range of women trekking poles that fit your requirements in a variety of budgets.

However, if you love to spend loads of your time trekking, you would surely want to go for the best-in-class walking sticks. Here are the top five women trekking poles that can make your hiking experience simply pleasant, safe and convenient

1. Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles are built to last, comprising of tungsten tips, and EVA foam handles (stronger than cork!). You no longer have to worry if your poles can support you. Montem’s Trekking Poles are crafted out of Aluminum 7075 – the same material used to build airplanes.

These lightweight poles are designed for all-season on-trail/off-trail versatility. The three-piece, ultralight, narrow diameter aluminum shafts, reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

Dual FlickLock pole locking mechanisms allow for easy length adjustment. Clamping force is adjustable allowing for customization down to the finest details. The poles also feature extended grips allowing for hand placement adjustments in uneven terrain.

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2. Black Diamond Women Trail Trekking Poles

The Black Diamond Women’s Trail Trekking Poles are specifically crafted to work as a great pair of all-around trekking poles for women. This model offers an excellent bundle of features, and high balance of comfort, that too in an affordable price.

You don’t need to compromise on strength with these poles featuring three piece, lightweight aluminium shafts with a narrow diameter. The pair offers easy adjustments in terms of the length with a dual FlickLock 2 locking mechanism, and you can get a usable length of 59-123 cm.

You also get a dual-density foam grip and adjustable 360 degree padded wrist straps. Available in teal and grey color, these sport interchangeable tech tips with WaveLock technology so you can alter between rubber and carbide tips. The low-profile powder baskets and trekking baskets let you get the most out of your trekking poles on a variety of terrains.

One of our reviews, Janice Jones, who has been using trekking poles for over 40 years is a highly satisfied buyer of these poles and states them to be the most compact and portable ones that can easily fit in her backpack, keeping thing just so lightweight for her.

Although, the model doesn’t offer shock absorbers, this is what keeps them very convenient even on rocky terrains and areas with water.

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3. High Trek Hiking Poles

You perhaps, can’t get a women trekking pole model more versatile than the High Trek Hiking Poles, allowing you to use them for trekking, walking or climbing through a huge range of environmental conditions.

The adjustable height featuring a twist lock mechanism, the efficient shock absorbers and the ultralight structure weighing no more than 11 ounces not only keeps them easy on your knees, but also quite easy to carry along, while being perfect for short as well as tall users at the same time.

The handles offer a great level of comfort with large, ergonomic grips and adjustable wrist-straps. Made out of aluminium, the poles, adjustable from 25.5 to 53 inches can take heavy impacts like magic. The mud or snow baskets, the removable rubber ferrules and the the tungsten-tipped ends let you explore any terrain with great balance and stability.

Sally Henderson, who purchased the pair on Amazon said, “I found these trekking poles extremely helpful for my joints and bad back, as these rarely make the experience painful or stressful. Thanks to their lightweight and strong built.”

For a price as low as about thirty dollars, the absolutely non-breakable nature of the poles makes the rubber grip a much non-significant factor when it comes to handling a little sweaty hands.

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4. Black Diamond Women Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles

Undoubtedly, the Black Diamond Women’s Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles are a gorgeous pair of trekking poles for women who want to go for an outstanding shock absorption technology.

The dual-density, non-slip foam grip featured by these trekking poles has been designed specifically for women, and is accompanied by a 360-degree padded webbing strap.

The seamless system can coordinate with light and hard impacts amazingly well, while offering high-end FlickLock Pro and interchangeable carbide tech tips at the same time. A strong rebound control has been built in the handle to avoid any pitfall of anti-shock poles, making sure you have a safe trekking experience throughout.

After returning from trekking with her newly purchased Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock, Pamela Shin says she is planning to buy another pair for her family as she loves the up-to-the-task, lightweight nature of the poles.

The pair costs about 140 dollars, but the amazing foam handles with choke-up extensions, as well as the FlickLock Pro makes it all totally worth it.

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5. Sterling Endurance Ultralight Foldable Aluminium Trekking Poles

Another name for comfort and endurance, these Sterling Endurance Ultralight Foldable Aluminium Trekking Poles for woman offer an incredible durability and great options for adjusting their height and portability to suit your traveling and packing requirements.

The poles are extremely light in nature – reducing the fatigue levels while you are trekking, and can be disassembled and folded down to 13.5 inches to fit a backpack as their folding shaft sections are connected by elastic cords.

Adjust the height of the poles and make it perfect for a person with a height 5 feet 3 inches and above. Made out of tough 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminium alloy, the shaft is corrosion-free, and the tungsten steel tip is excellent for rough hiking.

The adjustable, wide and thick hand strap, as well as the extra long EVA foam handle extended over ten inches provides versatility and comfort in different terrains or weathers when you need to switch handgrips.

River Smith states, “The extended length, foam grip handles with their soft texture made it easier for me when going up and down hills without the need to change the length of the stick.”

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Things to Consider While Buying Women Trekking Poles

Although, you will experience increased convenience with just about any pair of good trekking poles you purchase, different models available out there sport different features.

This makes it essential to evaluate the models for the features that can make things much better for you. Below are some of the key factors to consider while buying the poles.

Adjustment Mechanism

Speaking of the locking or adjustment mechanism, most of the budget-friendly women trekking pole models sport a twisting lock that locks the 2 or 3 sections of the shaft by applying pressure.

You can also go for poles featuring a level lock action or flip locks that make it much easier to expand or collapse the trekking poles. However, the latter are a bit costlier as compared to the twist lock editions.


Trekking poles are available in three different varieties in terms of design, specifically, folding or tent, two-section telescoping, and three-section telescoping.

It’s entirely dependent on your whims and choices which one to opt for as each of them has got their very own benefits. Folding tent poles are the most lightweight and compact ones, whereas two-section poles are the strongest.

However, three-section models are an amazing union of both the features, thereby being the most preferred types. They balance rugged durability quite efficiently while being very lightweight and compact for backpacking.


The two materials most trekking poles are constructed of include carbon fiber and aluminium, wherein carbon fiber models tend to be lighter than the aluminium ones.

Although, carbon fiber poles are much stronger, hard bangs or dents can lead to the poles getting cracked or broken, whereas aluminium can withstand such shocks or dents. Those who can handle their trekking poles with great care, should go for lightweight carbon fiber models.

Basket Size

Different environment conditions call for different basket sizes on the poles. While large baskets are meant for snowy areas and can be troublesome in debris or bushes, small baskets work wonders for hiking. Some manufacturing brands also design trekking poles with an option to alter the baskets and their size according to the trekking conditions.

Shock Absorbers

While you are trekking down a trail, shock absorbers play the role of lowering the shock impact, but they are likely to make the poles act less stable when there is water or when you are walking on rocks. You can always opt for trekking poles that allow you to disable the shock absorbers as and when required.


It’s a must-consider thing whether the trekking poles offer a great portability if you need to travel taking the poles along. It’s advisable to go for poles that are folding and shorter, so that they can easily fit in a backpack or a luggage.


The weight of the poles varies according to the materials they are built out of, which may not seem to be a huge deal initially.

But, it’s quite significant to keep in mind the purpose you are going to use the trekking poles, as even a little extra weight can be troublesome if you plan to lift the poles in your arms for a heavy walking duration or are going to carry the backpack for long.

Grip or Handle

The last yet truly important feature to look out for is the handle or the grip that come in a variety of materials and shapes, including ergonomic handles.

The most common materials for the grips are foam, cork and rubber and cork, each of which is suitable for a specific purpose. Cork conforms to the user’s hand and is cooler than rubber, but is a little heavier than foam and can make your hand sweat much more than a foam grip.

Rubber, being the heaviest is surely not meant for sweaty hands as it can’t absorb moisture.

Lastly, foam is the least cold of them all and absorbs moisture the best. To make it simpler, those who are engaged in water sports or mountaineering should go for rubber grips, while foam works great for climbers as well as mountaineers. Backpacking activities and warm weathers call for a cork grip for good moisture-wicking.


Trekking poles are not only meant to assist backpacking or mountaineering, but also lessen the impact on your joints and knees up to 40 perfect, thereby making your activities quite a low impact affair. It’s amazing how most of them can be transformed into a mini package to carry along and how they adjust to your height. If you are dedicated to trekking and adventure, a great set of women trekking pole surely needs to be an integral element of our outdoor gear.

Taking a look at the various differences and varieties discussed above, it can be rightly stated that with most backpacking gear, hiking, and mountaineering you need to have the weight, portability, material and design as the most important considerations while purchasing your brand new women trekking poles.

All five of the aforesaid poles are simply incredible for most hiking and trekking requirements, but if you love to explore a variety of conditions and terrains, the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles for Women and Men may top your list, with their interchangeable tech tips, great grip and high comfort. So, grab a pair for yourself that does you favor in the long run, making your trekking a fun-filled and comfortable time.