Black Diamond Women’s Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles Review

Black Diamond Women’s Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles are high quality trekking poles that will offer you a lifetime service. They are designed in the best way possible to ensure that it delivers top notch services.

They are unique trekking poles that employ the Control Shock Technology. They also feature double click lock pro that guarantees their safety. These imported trekking poles comes with interchangeable carbide tech tips, plus trekking baskets of low profiles.

They are made from 100% cotton and features a non-slip form grip extension. This is meant to ensure that the trekking poles don’t slide off any kind of surface. Despite the high quality features, this trekking poles are relatively cheap and affordable. Get them today and you will find them very amazing.

Control shock technology

This technology is what makes the Black Diamond Women’s Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles unique and efficient in their services. With this technology, the poles will be able to compress without having to bottom out.

They also aid in controlling rebounds that bring about a comfortable and smooth feeling. The poles are also able to dampen beneath the grip in order to offer a continuous spring rates from the light strikes to heavy downhill. They also have a rebound control that is situated within the grips.

This is meant for hindering ineffective strides and therefore brings about a smooth and quiet feeling. They are therefore the ultimate trekking poles that you can always rely on in case you love trekking.

Non-slip foam grip extension

The poles also have got foam grip extension that are non-slip. This is a feature that makes them perfect for any terrain. You can therefore use the poles in any given place as they guarantee you your safety.

Interchangeable carbide tech tips

These high quality trekking poles come with an extra carbide Tech Tips that you can always replace whenever it is necessary. This makes very reliable and convenient since when the original Tech Tips wears out you can interchange with the new ones.

Apart from this, they also come with high quality trekking baskets of low profile. This makes them very perfect and therefore provides quality services you can rely on.

Women’s specific double density grips

This is another high quality feature that you will only find in these elegant trekking poles. With this feature, you will find it very suitable and elementary to use. This, therefore, means that the trekking poles are ergonomic.

They also feature a padded webbing strap of up to 360 degrees. This greatly enhances its performance, hence the best trekking pole to rely on. Get started with it today and you will definitely love it.

Double Flick Lock Pro

The dual flick lock pro is meant for ensuring security, strong and easy locking of the trekking poles. This means that the poles will always remain safe as you can lock them when not in use. The flick lock pro is very suitable for locking as it offers up to twice the holding strength.

Features and Specifications

  • It has got a foam non grips extension to make it perfect for any surface
  • It has a dual flick lock pro meant for security
  • Carbides tech tips that are interchangeable
  • Trekking baskets of low profile
  • Padded webbing straps of 360 degrees
  • Women’s specific double density grip

Customer reviews and scores

After a total of over 50 reviews, these trekking poles have a high rating which means that they are very efficient and reliable. Below are some of the views and opinions of various customers.

  • They are fantastic trekking poles
  • They are best all round trekking poles out there for the money
  • The poles are great for both aggressive and casual hikers
  • These are a nice set of poles
  • These are indispensable necessities for trekking

The above are some of the key features and customer’s opinions about these world class trekking poles. They are very reliable and can suit both aggressive and casual hikers. With the control; shock technology, they are excellent trekking poles that you can rely on for quality services.

These imported poles are also designed to suit all hikers. They are imported and made from 100% cotton to ensure long term service. You can get them online by making your order today and it will be delivered at the expected time. Get them today and you will experience the next level of trekking.